This large piece of farm land has come up for sale offering various options for use. Currently it has barns, outbuildings and a house in need of rebuilding, all set on 2 hectares (20,000m2)  of land. The estate lies within the urban perimeter of Estremoz, close to supermarkets, the main health centre and other amenities. Although close to town it is in a peaceful area with open countryside views, as can be seen in the photos.

Because the land sits within the urban boundaries of town, it has lots of possibilities for ROI: it can be developed for the construction of a large single-family home and used as a farm estate, thus offering the new owner lots of privacy within the city limits or it can be urbanised for the building of housing units to either sell on or rent out.

Either way, it offers a great return on your investment. Do not miss this excellent opportunity and schedule your visit now

Contact Miguel Baptista or Tania Filipe on Tel/WhatsApp:  +351 967 899 574 or +351 964 897 540

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