Although Estremoz is a compact town and maybe not the first stop on the usual tourist trail, it offers a great selection of hotels, hostels, Airbnb apartments, rural retreats and boutique hotels to stay at. In this blog we offer some ideas of where to stay in Estremoz.

Estremoz caters for everyone: those on a tight budget and just looking for a simple place to lay your head for the night, town centre hotels, luxury rural retreats set amongst the rolling hills and farmland that surrounds the town, designer boutique stays that look as if they come straight off the pages of Architectural Digest—and we even have our own 5-star pousada, where you can spend the night in a 14th century castle and feel like a king or queen!

As of yet, and because we were mostly visiting to find a place to live, we have only experienced first hand the hotels that fall into the cheap and cheerful category…except for our first overnighter at Horta do Laranjal in Rio do Moinhos, which made such an impression that it changed the path of our lives when we decided on Estremoz for our home!

Here is where to stay in Estremoz:

Pateo dos Solares Charm Hotel (4 star hotel)
Address: Rua Brito Capelo, Estremoz
Tel: +351 268 338 400

Pousada Castelo de Estremoz (4 star hotel)
Address: Largo Don Diniz, Estremoz
Tel: +351 268 332 075

Sharish – Monte Das Estevas (rural tourism)
Address: Monte das Estevas Estrada do Cerejal, Estremoz
Tel: +351 917 477 070

Casa Azimute (rural tourism)
Address: Estrada da Folgada, Estremoz
Tel: +351 968 396 999

Hotel Imperador (3 star hotel)
Address: Fonte do Imperador – En 4, Estremoz,
Tel: +351 268 339 950

Monte da Rosada (rural tourism)
Address: Largo da Rosada, 36, Estremoz
Tel: +351 268 891 770

Hotel O Gadanha (2 star hotel)
Address: Largo General Graça nº 56, Estremoz
Tel: +351 268 339 110

O Viajante (budget hotel)
Address: Estrada Nacional Nº 4 Maria Ruiva, Arcos, Estremoz
Tel: +351 268 841 363

Alentejano (budget hotel)
Address: Rossio Marques de Pombal 13/15, Estremoz
Tel: +351 268 337 300

Dinis Low Cost Hostel (hostel)
Address:  Rua 31 de Janeiro, 48, Estremoz
Tel: +351 268 032 668

Residencial Carvalho (guest house)
Address: Largo da República Nº27, Estremoz
Tel: +351 268 339 370

Monte Papa Toucinho (rural tourism)
Address:  São Bento de Ana Loura, Estremoz

Monte dos Pensamentos (rural tourism)
Address: Monte dos Pensamentos, Estremoz
Tel: +351 268 333 166

Casas do Lago (apartments)
Address:  Largo General Graça 29 1, Estremoz
Tel: +351 964 082 712

Monte da Boa Fé (holiday home)
Address: Monte da Boa Fé, Estremoz
Tel: +351 918 682 847

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