Getting around Estremoz is easy because it’s a small, compact town and you can comfortably walk to all the amenities yourself—or cycle if you fancy some exercise. But if you live further away from the town centre and don’t own a car it can get tricky. You can always rely on a friendly neighbour to give you a lift to town (from my experience I can say that the people of Estremoz are very friendly and helpful), or you could call a taxi. An easy way to get around to places without having to rely on someone else.

Finding a taxi in Estremoz is not hard and if you want to travel from the town centre to somewhere else, you can always check the main taxi stop in town. It is located in the Praça Luís de Camões and usually you will see one or two available cars there. However, if there are no taxis there you can always reach them by calling: +351 268 322 700.

Because Estremoz is a small town you won’t find many big companies that offer taxi services as you would do in Evora, but luckily for us private taxi services are available. You can find many numbers on the internet, and until we have tried them ourselves we cannot recommend any. But we can still list them below for you so you don’t have to waste your time looking for the numbers on Google.

Táxis Monteiro & Vítor Monteiro Lda
Phone: +351 268 324 835

Táxis J. C. Nunes Lda
Phone: +351 268 332 196 / +351 917 216 788

Rumara Taxi Lda
Phone: +351 268 919 482

Rosário & Grazina Lda
Phone: +351 965 640 065

Note: As mentioned earlier in this blog we haven’t tried the services of the taxis above and cannot recommend them personally.

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