In my eyes, Estremoz as a town offers many reasons to fall in love with it. Indeed, the Alentejo region itself is an antidote to the everyday stresses of modern life, and Estremoz as a centre for visitors offers so much.

Below are just a few reasons to spend some time here:

  • Ancient and historic routes that visit castles, churches and dolmens
  • Natural parks including Serra d’Ossa and La Alquerva reservoir
  • Sports such as hiking, mountain biking, horseriding and 4×4 excursions
  • Rural and ecotourism, where you can stay amongst pure unadulterated nature
  • Excellent local wineries that offer visits and tastings
  • Restaurants and cafés that serve good, honest fare, made from locally grown produce
  • The Saturday vintage market – the beating heart of the town
  • Handicrafts including, basketwork, cork, leather, wool, ceramics and wooden furniture

All of the above are good reasons in themselves to visit, but the most important factor for me is the Estremoz people themselves. Forming tight family units, they are proud and maintain a strong bond with their heritage, knowing exactly where they come from.

We can all learn a lesson in how to take life at a slower pace, enjoy healthy surroundings with fresh, unpolluted air and miles of natural countryside, experience the peace and serenity of the area with huge skies, especially at night when they are star-filled…and in Estremoz you can be sure of a warm welcome.

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