If you are looking for a traditional Portuguese restaurant in Estremoz with no nonsense authentic food, just like it used to be in the old days, then this place is for you.

A Talha amphorasThe name

The name ‘talha’ means amphora in English, in this case huge ceramic containers that were used in the wine making trade. The oldest ‘talha’ in the back dining area dates back to 1660 and is etched with symbols representing the phases of the moon—believed in those days to be very important in order to produce a good vintage.

Owned and run by Telmo, the atmosphere is traditional with a mix of diners from the local area, teams of working men/women and the odd tourist (so far only us!) and the TV is on. So, it is busy, friendly and noisy.

A talha dining roomThe menu

At lunchtime, the offering at A Talha is very simple: the Menu do Día or a choice of grilled meats. The menu consists of bread, butter and olives, followed by soup of the day, then a choice from two or three main dishes that change daily (usually a choice between fish and meat plates), dessert and coffee accompanied by a 500ml drink of choice i.e. wine, beer, water, soft drinks etc. All for the price of €10 per person!


You can find A Talha just inside the town walls at the Porta de Santa Catarina close to the bullring. There is always an A-board outside with the day’s menu and easy parking can be found if you turn immediately left after passing through the gate.

It does get busy, so it is a good idea to book ahead, especially on Saturday (market day), and A Talha is open pretty much all day for lunch, dinner and drinks outside. In summer there is seating on the pavement in front of the restaurant.

A Talha outsideDetails:

Restaurante A Talha
Address: Largo de Santa Catarina, Estremoz
Tel: +351 933 816 212 / 268 033 960
Facebook: www.facebook.com/restauranteatalhaestremoz

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