Whether you believe in taking the Covid jab or not is one thing, but if you do decide to go ahead, in Estremoz it is a pretty simple procedure to follow.

How to get an appointment for your covid jab

If you are already registered with the national health system in Portugal and have your Numero Utente, then you should receive a call from the health authority when your age bracket for vaccination is reached.

If not, you can request an appointment on this website. Or drop by the main health centre in town (Centro de Saude), using the side entrance, and go to the nurses’ station – where you will be given an appointment.

We didn’t have a Portuguese mobile when we registered for state healthcare, but never-the-less the health centre in Estremoz called us on our landline.

Where to go for your Covid jab in Estremoz

They asked: Would you and your husband like to have the Covid vaccination? And when we replied in the affirmative, they gave us an appointment for the next day, explaining where to go. The vaccine centre in Estremoz is located on the industrial park, where the congress and trade fair buildings are. Entering the main gates, the building is on the right-hand side and clearly marked.

Smooth and secure procedure

Once you go inside, a healthcare worker checks that you are there for the vaccine and you take a seat until your name is called. Once called, you fill in a simple questionnaire about any health issues you may have (assistance is offered in case you don’t read Portuguese), your temperature is taken and you are directed to a cubical to get the injection.

We were lucky that on the day, we were given the Janssen single-dose vaccine, meaning we don’t have to return for a second jab. The injection itself does hurt a bit, but the nurse said it was because I have thick skin and was not relaxed enough. The more relaxed you are, the less it hurts.

Covid vaccine EstremozAfter that, you are directed to a recovery room, where you have to wait for 30 minutes in case of any reaction (which, if you are going to react to the vaccine, usually occurs within the first half hour). This is controlled by a further healthcare worker, and after your waiting time is up, your name is called and you are released.

Accessing your Covid ‘passport’

We were given a sheet of paper with information on possible side-effects and what to do, and also a slip of paper showing that we have had the vaccine. This can now be registered on this website for your ‘Covid passport’.

This is how it works in Estremoz, although it may differ from how it works in other municipal areas in Portugal. Everything is very well organised, social distancing and hygiene procedures are observed, and it worked like clockwork. In all, we were probably there for an hour and are pleased to report that we suffered absolutely no side-effects.

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